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ACC GLOBAL brings together a collection of boutique luxury brands, with similar inherent values, resulting in a truly unique and comprehensive offering for the luxury consumer.

With production facilities on multiple continents ACC GLOBAL has active ownership in five different sectors:

Luxury and Vintage tobacco cigars. - ACC is our luxury cigar production house. Established in 1952 as a small tobacco farm, ACC has grown into the world leader in luxury and vintage tobacco. ACC owns and produces 4 brands of cigars exclusively in the luxury markets, as well as 1 brand of related accessories.

Luxury cigar accoutrements. - Tesori is the worlds most premium luxury cigar accessories brand, which has expanded into related lifestyle accessories.

Vintage Scotch and Wines - ACC GLOBAL has collected one of the worlds largest collections of Vintage Scotch, under the brands of both Don Cervantes and Macallan.

Watches & Jewelry - ACC GLOBAL has a large selection of the world’s top Swiss watch brands available at the lowest tax rates possible, providing a true global shopping experience to our clients without leaving their home.

Retail Partnerships - ACC GLOBAL has developed a unique retail strategy working with partners and opening dedicated retail stores in targeted locations around the world. With locations in resorts, casinos, members clubs, and private banks, ACC GLOBAL has created a strong growth dynamic.


The heritage of ACC began in 1952 with Jose Aray Marin, on a small tobacco field in Ecuador. Starting with simple planting, harvesting, and local trading, Mr. Aray, seeing the opportunity, began to purchase several agricultural properties in the Province of Guayas in Ecuador. In 1954 Mr Aray then met Guillermo de la Portilla, who had migrated from Cuba, bringing with him generations of Cuban expertise as well as precious varieties of Cubano seed and leaf.


Mr. Portilla and the Aray family began planting on their hacienda which had the perfect weather, soil and luminosity needed for the growth of first class tobacco. After setting up the infrastructure they began with the complex process of planting the new and rare leaf and began to expand the farm. Inspired by an old lost New York based “Clear Havana” Cuban cigar brand Miguel de Cervantes, Mr. Aray and Mr. Portilla conceived the Don Cervantes brand of today.


The operation then saw the development of Ecuadoran Sumatra, the most sought after premium wrapper leaf in the world. In 1967 Mr. Marin developed Ecuadoran Sumatra as a cross breed of his Cubano and Indonesian Sumatra breeds, resulting in a richer, more flavorful and resilient tobacco, which is now considered the “gold standard” for premium wrapper leaf. Today, an increasing number of leading cigar brands are purchasing Ecuadoran Sumatra.


After 3 decades of successful leaf trading, the farm had started to amass a small but steadily growing collection of old tobacco. Aware of the importance of this vintage product, ACC began to develop a new line of cigars, released into the market in limited quantities. The huge demand but restriction on volume, forced ACC to start acquiring more aged tobacco from other regions, most notably bales of old Cuban leaf from the Pinar del Rio region in Cuba.


With four distinct cigar brands complete, ACC has recently turned attention to cigar accessories and related products. After searching for the finest and most skilled craftsmen, ACC has made recent acquisitions to ensure the ongoing production of the finest pockets cases, carry cases and humidors in the world. ACC uses proprietary wood working methodologies that are truly unique in the market place, garnering the envy of all the other wood workers. With seamless, smooth grain wooden cigar tubes, and carry cases, to large dramatic humidors for the serious collector.